Greater Cincinnati Computer is Cincinnati’s premier data recovery service.  Partnered with “Seagate Data Recovery Services”  we provide local recovery services unmatched by any. Our in store recovery success rate is approximately 95%.  With over 25 years in the recovery business, Greater Cincinnati Computer is the logical choice.  

Supported Systems:
Windows server NT/2000/2003
Linux Redhat/Suse/etc.
Unix Freebsd/Openbsd/Netbsd
MAC 3.0 and above



Recovery Due To:
Virus damage - No MBR - Deleted files - Deleted partition - Corrupted partition - Bad sectors Not detected - User error Formatted drive Laptop damaged

Recovery From:
IDE - SCSI - SATA - RAID Configuration Removable Media - External hard drives

Common Symptoms:
Drive is clicking, screeching, or grinding - Hard drive is not recognized in BIOS - System blue screens - “Hard drive is not formatted” message - Hard drive is not spinning - RAID array failed or won't mount - One or more server drives go offline - Computer keeps rebooting - System freezes or hangs - Drive or device not found message - No operating system found message